Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Savor Me (Master Chefs #2) is Now Out! Happy Early Release Surprise!

Today is the Early Release of SAVOR ME (Master Chefs #2) by Kailin Gow

PLEASE NOTE: The Master Chefs Series contains mature subject matters and sexuality. For ADULTS age 18 and up
The Master Chefs Series is about Chefs who master the kitchen as well as the bedroom…

special release day price of 99 cents!

Savor Me (Master Chefs #2) by Kailin Gow 

Savor Me (Master Chefs #2)
Just Released!!!!
Available Now on Amazon
Giving up her dreams in Paris and returning to New York, Taryn Cummings finds herself immersed in the running of her family’s restaurant and her life as she knew it before her arrangement with celebrity Chef Errol King. As she delve back into her old life, her heart is still in Paris…along with Chef Errol King.

Devour Me (Master Chefs Book 1)

Devour Me (Master Chefs Series) by Kailin Gow
99 cents this week!

“It had super-hot sex AND a fabulous story. THIS is what erotica should always be like! Not only did this book have an amazing plot, but the cast of characters were all easy to get into. All the characters were so well done that I either wanted to hug them or slap them.” – Mama’s Reading Break

Taryn Cummings could not believe she was accepted into the prestigious International Institute of Culinary Arts culinary institute she dreamed of studying at in beautiful Paris, France. It was a far cry from her unglamorous life back home in New York where she helped her mother run their small family-owned restaurant called Sam’s. The International Institute of Culinary Arts churned out the top chefs in the world, including the wildly sexy and eccentric Master Chef Errol King, whose celebrity personality was larger than life.

She wanted excitement in a city of romance and thrills, but arrived to find her apartment barely livable and herself in need of a suitable place to stay. A chance meeting at the Institute brings her face-to-face with her new roommate…the devilishly charming Errol King, who would be guest teaching her class this term.

The attraction is as hot as the fire they cook with, and while Errol King, the notorious bad boy chef with an attitude, can get anyone he wanted into his bed, he wanted this woman more than anything. Something about her sweet innocence and sad eyes reach into his harden heart, but is it enough for him to forget his past?

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