You & Me Trilogy

Tagline:  A young aspiring Psychology student who volunteers as a peer counselor at a young adult crisis center, meets a troubled young man whom she falls desperately in love with, but finds out his past is darker than she'd ever imagined. 

Saving You Saving Me


Finding You Finding Me

 Love Comes from Unexpected Places... Book 2 of the You & Me Trilogy, starting with: Saving You Saving Me. Wise beyond her years, 18 year old Samantha Sullivan, an aspiring psychiatrist, and Valedictorian of her high school, continues volunteering at Sawyer House, the teen and young adult crisis center, where she is a peer counselor until she goes to college. Before she goes, Sam is forced to deal with some of the issues from her past and with her family. She thought she could handle everything as always and on her own, but as she embarks on the road to recovery, she finds that help comes from the most unexpected places.

Freeing You Freeing Me

Summer or Fall 2013

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